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New Chocolate Chip Cookies

Hey everybody! Sorry for the hiatus away from the blog. My final exams finished at the end of April, and my hubby and I spent a couple days down in Vancouver visiting with my family. It was so nice to finally go back and walk my favourite streets in Fort Langley and eat at my […]

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Chocolate Chip Muffins

Every weekend I try to bake something delicious like muffins or cookies to put in our lunches and tummies for the week. This past weekend I made some delicious chocolate chip muffins! I was going to make some raspberry muffins, but I was missing a couple critical ingredients. My hubby loves these muffins and so […]

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Cookie Dough Easter Eggs

I was really excited to try this new Easter egg recipe. I had never thought to make chocolate chip cookie dough easter eggs, but I was disappointed with my results. Don’t get me wrong, these eggs are adorable and the filling is quite yummy, but dipping the cookie dough in candy melts (which taste like […]

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