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E: Éclairs

My hubby and I are visiting with his family in Alberta, and my hubby has been trying to get in as many cuddles as he can with the cat Napoleon. Because we spent Christmas with his family this year, my hubby and I celebrated our Christmas early on the 22nd. We spent Christmas Eve doing […]

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A: Apple Pie Rice Pudding

My first AtoZ challenge recipe. The first thing that came to mind when I thought of the letter “A” is apple! I’ve been craving some delicious rice pudding and so I decided to put my own twist on the normal rice pudding recipe I use. You can find the recipe for the rice pudding I […]

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The AtoZ Challenge

Hi Everyone! Something new and exciting is brewing and it isn’t a cup of tea! I’m starting a new blog challenge with my BBF (best blogging friend) Marla over at sights bits and bites (check out her blog here). We have called this challenge the AtoZ Challenge. And here is how it works. Drum roll […]

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