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Pumpkin Crepes

This recipe is a perfect way to celebrate the flavours of Fall. This recipe is the perfect adaption for the pumpkin lovers in your life. These crepes are easy and absolutely delicious. I would recommend filling with simple whipped cream with a sprinkling of cinnamon, or a cinnamon cream cheese frosting. You could also make […]

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Halloween Sugar Cookies

Sugar cookies are one of the funnest cookies to decorate and bake. I’ve recently got interested in cookie and cake decorating. I don’t have any professional tools yet, but I’m having fun with it. Last Christmas I received a set of cookie cutter sets, and I decided to make mummies out of gingerbread cookie cutters, […]

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Autumn Salad

Fall is my favourite time of year. I love all the flavors and rainy weather. I love getting cozy in sweaters and drinking gallons of tea. The leaves have started to fall and the air is crisp. I get to now wear my coat and fluffy scarf. I’ve been binge watching Downton Abbey so I […]

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