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Cookies and Cream Mug Cake

This is a cake recipe that any chocoholic needs. One night not so long ago, during that oh so special time of the month I had the most intense craving for chocolate cake I had ever had. I was seriously wondering if I may be pregnant and this child was desperately wanting some cake. But […]

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Rice Wraps

  This is another older post that needed some updating. This recipe was actually one of the first recipes on this blog, it was first published on August 9th in 2015!! That is quite a long time ago. Since this recipe was first published my hubby does now love these wraps. This is a really […]

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Chicken Cobb Salad

I’m not a very big fan of salads as I have probably shared before, but there are a couple salads that I do enjoy. Usually these salads have cheese and bacon and aren’t the healthiest of the salad spectrum. This salad features hardboiled eggs, cucumber. tomato, bacon, cheese and chicken on a bed of green […]

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Quick and Easy Buns

I love buns. There is just something about pulling a fresh homemade batch of buns out of the oven that warms my heart. I think it is because I spent a bunch of time in my elementary school years with my Omi making buns with her on Tuesday afternoons. We would make buns with her […]

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Turkey Meatloaf Cups

Months ago I saw this video (here) on facebook and I tried it out. I liked that the recipe used ground turkey instead of ground beef. I thought it was a healthier option and one that I could feel proud about making. I also loved that it is cooked in a muffin tin which in […]

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