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Cheesy Gnocchi Bake

Last month my hubby and I took a greyhound bus down to Vancouver to surprise my Mom for her birthday! We hopped onto a bus after my last class on Friday and surprised her for dinner! My sister had planned a surprise party for her at her favourite Greek restaurant on Saturday and it was […]

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Raspberry Apple Pear Crisp

As my husband and I were away spending Christmas with his family, my pears were going soft in my fridge at home. By the time I returned one of my pears had died a brown, gooey, oozey death, but luckily I was able to save the other. The pear was a bit too soft to […]

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Chicken Veggie Sandwich

These are a great idea for dinner or lunch. I see these as an ultimate grilled cheese. My hubby and I used leftover Baked Ratatouille and leftover Chicken Parmesan and sandwiched them between homemade bread with a garlic butter spread. These were delicious and easy. I would recommend using the leftover veggies with some cheese to create an ultimate […]

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