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Mini Ice-Cream Cake

This week we got heat and we got ALOT of it. I am not one of those people who loves the sun. I am more like a vampire. I get cranky and glare and the bright hot sun. So I am always looking for ways to cool down. I love to bake, but in the […]

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Cookies and Cream Mug Cake

This is a cake recipe that any chocoholic needs. One night not so long ago, during that oh so special time of the month I had the most intense craving for chocolate cake I had ever had. I was seriously wondering if I may be pregnant and this child was desperately wanting some cake. But […]

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Pecan Pie

A couple years ago when I was recently married I discovered the absolute beauty of the simple pecan. These little nuts are deceiving, they may look a bit like a butt crack but oh boy oh boy do they taste delicious. Pecans are amazing in muffins, loaves, streusels, pie etc. I like to throw pecans […]

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Oreo Chocolate Cups

  One night I desperately needed something for my sweet tooth. I had recently watched a video to make a giant oreo chocolate bar, but that seemed like a bit much, but it inspired me to make half a dozen chocolate cups. These treats are delicious and you could make this recipe go further by […]

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