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Beef and Broccoli

My sister makes the best beef and broccoli. Back before she cooked much she cooked this recipe and my whole family loved it! I had to scour through my pinterest board to find this recipe. It is delicious and I love it! I didn’t have the right kind of beef, but used some stew meat […]

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Easy Beef Stroganoff

This recipe quickly became one of my hubby and I’s favourite meals. It is budget friendly, quick and easy. It is flavourful and comforting. I found this recipe on The Country Cook here.  I put my hubby in charge of making dinner on Sunday as I had to work until 7:30 and he chose to […]

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Porcupine Meatballs

Allow me to clarify…these are not made of real porcupines…I swear. These meatballs are called “porcupine” because of the rice in the meatballs that resembles the “spikes” of a porcupine. These have been a classic recipe in my family since I was a child. It is super easy, super quick and it is delicious! At […]

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