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Vegetable Chowder

  ***This recipe needed some updated pictures. It is a perfect recipe for meatless Monday as it is full of vegetables and makes so much that you can have it throughout the week. I doubled this recipe when I made it for my family, and made a batch of buns which I brushed with a […]

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Rice Wraps

  This is another older post that needed some updating. This recipe was actually one of the first recipes on this blog, it was first published on August 9th in 2015!! That is quite a long time ago. Since this recipe was first published my hubby does now love these wraps. This is a really […]

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Fried Rice

***This post was originally posted in August 2015, but this post needed some updated photos. This is one of the most common ways I use up rice leftovers. What I love about fried rice is that it is so customizable.*** Tonight I made fried rice for my hubby and I. It’s one of my favourite […]

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Chicken Parmesan

Chicken Parmesan is one of my hubby and I’s favourite meals. This time we served this chicken with some delicious baked ratatouille. This was a great pairing because the tomato flavour from the ratatouille replaced the marinara sauce that is usually spooned atop the chicken breast. This recipe is one of our classic recipes. I […]

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Rice Pudding

      ***This post was in need of some updated photos. This is a very common quick dessert in our house when we have rice. I always make enough rice so there is leftovers for this delicious pudding! I’ve made this recipe many times with many different grains such as white rice, brown basmati […]

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(TBT) Korean Beef Bowl

*** This recipe needed some updated pictures as it is one of our favourite go to, quick and easy recipes! I still miss my BBF Marla. This recipe is great served with a side of broccoli and carrots. This meal is a great idea for a tight budget!  *** This recipe has quickly become an easy favourite of my husband and I. This […]

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