Highlights of 2018

January 3, 2019

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of you. or all one of you? Hi Mom! It has been a while… I feel like this is how I’ve started far too many blog posts. Hopefully this time will be different because I am now a graduate. I finished my B.A in English this December (Hallelujah!) and now I am a free bird. I thought I would start off this year by looking back a bit on some highlights of the year to catch you all up on my life so we can start this new year on the same page.

#1 #Smaugthefurrocious

This is our kitty Smaug <3 <3

This November I finally surprised my hubby with a kitten. He has wanted one for as long as I have known him and we are finally in a living situation that allows for a fur bundle of joy. I do NOT like cats. I am a dog person. And I still do not like cats, but I absolutely adore my kittyroo. He has brought me so much joy (I mean who can say no that mustache and kitten cuddles?)

#2 London & Paris Trip

Seeing the Eiffel Tower for the first time!

My dream trip has always been to go to Paris and London, and this summer my hubby and I turned that into a reality. My hubby and flew to London and Paris last minute this summer for almost 10 days. I got to see all the sites I had always dreamed of, order a pain du chocolat en francais, eat baguette sandwiches, see OXFORD and so much more. This trip changed me, and there are many mornings I wake up wishing I was in Paris.

#3 Wedding Anniversary

Finally got the change to make my own wedding cake <3

This year my husband and I celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary. We ordered in our favourite food …. OLIVE GARDEN and I surprised my hubby with this homemade red velvet wedding cake I had made. At our wedding we had red velvet. I also used some of the decorations from our wedding to decorate to surprise him. I am grateful for every year I get to spend with my prince charming. I am so blessed. I look forward to many more <3

#4 Baptism

Got dunked with my hubby!

This summer my hubby and I made one of the biggest choices we can make. We both decided to take the next step in our faith and get baptized. It was an amazing day being surrounded by family, friends and our church community. When certain songs play I can still feel the water rushing over me. I am so excited for the next steps that God takes us on together.

#5 My Niece JJ was born!

Aunty Ali and JJ in her flipper snuggling <3

This spring our family was blessed to welcome another little one. I got to go out to Toronto for a visit to meet my niece, spend time with one of my favourite lil’ dude and my sister and her husband. I am so grateful for the time I get with these little ones even when we are separated by so many miles.

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