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Chocolate Covered Raspberries – By Brendon the Magnificent

February 22, 2017

Hello random citizens of the internet! It is I, Alicia’s Hubby writing to you now from my living room couch. As is it not customary for me to normally address you, this will be more of a special treat (me writing to you) and if it is well received (by Alicia, mostly) then I will continue to provide random and spontaneous posts on delicious cuisine that I have made. If it is not well received, then I guess this is the first and last you will ever hear from me (so I best make this a good one).

The tasty treat I have decided to feature this time around is chocolate covered raspberries. Simple, yet quite elegant especially if you say that you made them yourself. I made these for Valentines day this year (and yes, I know that was over a week ago and I am late, but I digress). It was well received by my wife so I took some pictures here we are.


  • Raspberries (about 12 oz)
  • White Chocolate (8-12 oz)
  • Milk or Dark Chocolate (2-3 oz)


Place parchment or wax paper on a cookie sheet and set aside. Melt your white chocolate (I would recommend starting with 4-6 oz) in a double boiler (a bowl on a pot of simmering water). Once it is completely liquid, take the bowl off of the pot and place it next to your raspberries. Now, place your raspberries (one at a time) into the white chocolate and then take it out with your finger on the open end of the raspberry and a fork on the other side. Allow for some chocolate to drop off and into the bowl, then quickly place the raspberry on the cookie sheet. Repeat this and melt more chocolate as needed. Once you are done, melt your milk/dark chocolate with a double boiler. Once melted, remove from heat and dip a spoon in it taking a small scoop. Slowly drizzle the chocolate onto your raspberries by swinging the spoon back and forth over the raspberries. Also slowly tilt the spoon to keep a constant flow of chocolate. Do this until you think they look good. Place the cookie sheet in the freezer for at least an hour (check on them before removing them). Serve them cold so that the chocolate doesn’t have a chance to melt.

And Voila! You too can impress your significant other and the people around you with your mad cooking skills as this takes almost none and looks amazing! I hope I have impressed you random citizens of the internet. Alas it is now time for me to go, but maybe someday I will return. Till then, farewell.

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