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The Newlywed Cookbook Review

January 31, 2017

Welcome to the first Cookbook Review! This month I am reviewing The Newlywed Cookbook by Sarah Copeland. I don’t know about you but I am slightly obsessed with collecting cookbooks, but I don’t seem to use them as much as I should. Usually I end up trying recipes that I find through Pinterest. I decided I wanted to change that, because these cookbooks are filled with delicious recipes (mostly), ready to be discovered and they are right at my fingertips. I love using cookbooks. My pages get covered in flour and vanilla stains, and have notes written on the corners. I remember my Mom’s cookbooks always had notes like “Brian loves, the girls don’t” or “Everyone loves!!!”. I love how cookbooks are tactile and keep hold of the memories you made while trying the recipes. One of my Mom’s cookbooks has flour and vanilla stained on its pages because it was the first time I made that Cinnamon Bun recipe and it didn’t go quite how I wanted it to, luckily Momma came to the rescue.

I prefer cookbooks that have pictures to go with each recipe so that I know what it should look like, and it also makes me more inspired to make the recipes because they look so good! This cookbook has a cute vintage vibe, and has a lot of great information. Before Sarah shares her recipes she shares tips about filling a pantry, seasonal cooking and what to look for when buying meat, fish etc. It is really helpful and I enjoyed reading through it. The cookbook covers a variety of flavours and meals such as brunch, romantic meals, party planning and what to bring on a camping trip. I can’t wait to dig into the camping trip section when the summer hits. Overall I think that Sarah Copeland did a great job of providing a variety of recipes for the different seasons. The recipes I have tried have turned out well. The only thing I would wish for this cookbook is for more photos. I loved the photos that were provided and would have loved to see more.

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