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A New Beginning

November 24, 2016

Hello Everyone,

You may have noticed the new look of this blog. I love it! I’m trying to take this blogging life seriously, and before I take a big leap and buy my own domain and do all the techy stuff I want to work on this blog. I love this blog. I’m proud of it and I have a lot of fun running it. My biggest challenge is translating what I do in my kitchen into a post. As I have said before I cook very much by taste. I would call myself a kitchen hippy, and what I mean by that is I don’t stick strictly to recipes. I throw in a pinch of this or a dab of that, and I taste it as I go along.  This makes it difficult to accurately record recipes in posts. I don’t track how much of an additional ingredient I added. I think the reason for this is because since I was young I was inspired by Chef Michael Smith. I loved watching “Chef at Home” with my Mom, and what I learnt from Chef Michael Smith is that you don’t need a recipe to make something delicious, trust your own intuition when it comes to creating new dishes. This is why I consider this blog a place that can (hopefully) inspire you. You do not need to follow these recipes to a “t”. I recommend that you let your self be creative and I hope that this blog can help inspire you to try something new, or put a different twist on the classic of your kitchen.

Some things that are very important to me when it comes to the kitchen is homemade quality food. I try to be as self-sufficient as possible and I love trying to make things from scratch that normally you just pick up at the store. I love sweets which is probably very obvious by the content on this blog. I love being creative and artistic in the kitchen, it is my studio. I love midnight snacks and brunch.

So here is to the new beginning.


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